Hon. Kuganab-Lem Fights to Make PHC Free

ASTANA, 26 October – In an interview at the Global Conference on Primary Health held in Astana, Kazakhstan, Ghana’s deputy ranking member on the health committee, Hon. Dr Robert Kuganab-Lem has called on the government to make primary health care services free in order to reduce congestion in tertiary health facilities.

Hon. Dr. Kuganab-Lem said the tool had come at a ‘critical time’ to assist parliamentarians to  understand what is going on at all levels of the health sector, adding:
‘This will help us to know where to intervene as advocates of quality health care for all the citizens.’ 

FPA focal point, Ms Caroline Kwamboka, stressed the importance of including parliamentarians because they are best placed as the representatives of the people to push governments to provide their needs. She emphasised the opportunity offered by the voice parliamentarians lend to government systems on importants subjects.